Tuesday, April 16, 2013

More Second Amendment Discussion

A quick follow up to my mention that my hometown was considering a resolution that would voice support for the second amendment.  It passed this past week.  I may not have mentioned it, but I had entered an online comment attached to the newspaper article about this resolution, so today I checked to see if my comment had generated any responses, and happily, found a number of interesting discussions.  As a result, I added the following paragraph to a response directed specifically to my original comment:

Thanks for the compliment about not being foolish but just sounding foolish.  It is a bit more civil than your back and forth with Susan B,,,.  We are all Americans here, let's try to disagree without name calling because that is how our perspectives lose their sincerity.

I have often heard about our wonderful constitution and bill of rights having been divinely inspired.  Not sure if that is what you mean when you say your rights come from your Creator.  If so, you may want to read the Magna Carta which was "inspired" in 1066 (I think).  It may be the first document which put into words rights of free men.

If that is not what you meant, then perhaps you should review the life of Jesus, the greatest liberal of all.  My recollection is that he did not carry a weapon, other than his powerful example of loving one another.  If you believe that he is one and the same as our Creator, one of the triad of the Holy Trinity, then you might want to rethink your premise that only through violence, through the right to bear arms and fight those we disagree with, do our freedoms result.

And, if you really believe that freedoms can only be gained or maintained through violence, then I wonder if you would be OK with the gay community shooting up some heterosexual hangouts to win their rights to marry as opposed to their endless battle through the courts to gain their rights through legal means.  Or, perhaps you would have preferred Martin Luther King promote active, violent resistance when he marched and lobbied for equal rights at a time in America when there were separate water fountains, rest rooms and places on the bus for blacks.

Our freedoms, our wonderful freedoms that emanated from the American colonies were debated, often vociferously, by men of logic, men who owned slaves, men of abundance, men of morality.  Men, perhaps also inspired and supported by their wives who had to remain behind the scenes, but men nonetheless.  I would hope that our Creator nodded in agreement when she saw what they had done, knowing that we still had a way to go, but were on the right track.

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