Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year

It has been quite a while since my last post; possibly the longest I have gone between posts in the short history of this blog.  Of course, the holidays occupied so much of my free time, "free" time being defined as the time when I wasn't working.  But, as usual, all the presents were purchased and wrapped, all the cards were sent (although I must confess to sending more emails as cards this year than last), the tree chosen and trimmed, the kids picked up and brought home, etc, etc. 

I've mentioned in a few previous blogs that my interest is waning in writing via this medium.  I expect this is a "phase", as I know I have much more to say.  It used to bother me when more than a week would pass between posts; now I don't give it much thought.

The good news is that I received an actual royalty check from Amazon for my e-book, Short Stories and wurdsfromtheburbs.  10 units sold, direct deposit for $3.60 hit my bank account on 12/30.  I was surprised that they would deposit such a small amount, perhaps they do that to clear the books at the end of the year.  I would have preferred an actual check as I probably would have left it uncashed, framing it instead for posterity.  I have told a few people about the check, laughing it off as if I am unconcerned about its size.  But truly, it doesn't matter that only 10 units have sold so far.  I waited my entire life to publish something, not knowing how eagerly I awaited the event, and now that it is done, everything else is a cherry on top.

For those who have purchased my book; thanks so much.  For those still interested, google my name, Joe Pugnetti, and you will see a link to it on Amazon, or, if you have a kindle, search for my name and there it is, only 99 cents.

I know I will be inspired to continue this blog, whether it be weekly or monthly.  I still have many story ideas to bring  to fruition, and I plan to e-publish a follow up to book number 1, with the title of More Short Stories and wurdsfromtheburbs.  (Obviously, I can continue the pattern for quite a while, i.e, Even More Short Stories...,  Still More Short Stories..., A Bunch of Short Stories..., etc).

In the meantime, I promised some proof that man's next big step forward would be spiritual, and that the step is already happening.  I plan to take a bunch of days off in the next few months so I should be able to deliver on that promise shortly.

In the meantime, I hope your Christmas was wonderful, your New Year has started off healthy and happy, and that this post finds your spirits high, eager to be a part of the coming revolution.


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