Monday, November 3, 2014

PA Governor's Race

My blog has received an inordinate number of overseas hits this past month.  In fact, for the past 30 days, more people have accessed by blog from the United Kingdom than the United States.  And, this past week, Norway was the source of the most hits by country.  Not sure why these occasional foreign blasts of interest occur but it is interesting and for October, this interest pushed me over 2000 hits for the month.  Thanks to all, American and non-American, who continue to express interest in my writing.

I read an interesting article recently comparing the positions of the two men on the ballot to be the next governor of Pennsylvania.  There were a number of issues detailed, most of which I sided with Tom Wolf, the challenger.  There were a couple for which I understood the perspective of the incumbent, Tom Corbett, but did not believe that his ideas would fix the underlying problem.

So, you might say, that just makes me a liberal, a democrat.  I guess.  But I wonder if all those people who will vote for Corbett tomorrow actually agree with his opinions.  Assuming Wolf wins 55-45, or even 54-46, do those 45-46% of the voters actually agree with Corbett that

women's access to birth control in general, and abortion in specific, should be restricted

consenting adults can not marry the person they love

those earning below $10 an hour shouldn't be paid a livable wage

all working Americans shouldn't have access to health insurance

women should earn the same pay for the same work

the energy industry, specifically those in the natural gas business, shouldn't pay higher fees for the right to extract the natural resources of our state

better background checks for gun purchases, and the requirement that gun owners report the theft of their gun are bad ideas

medical marijuana should continue to be unavailable to those for whom a doctor believes it will help, and that the possession of small amounts of marijuana (under an ounce) should remain illegal

big business and corporations should pay less taxes

the death penalty should be continued to be used in Pennsylvania

climate change may or may not be happening but it is better to pretend it isn't and continue to depend on fossil fuels for our energy needs

Perhaps, most of those 46% agree with most of these opinions, or at least enough to vote for Corbett.  But I can't help wondering if many of those 46% do not know the position of Corbett on these issues, but who vote Republican because they always vote Republican.  And, of course, this can be expanded to all those people who will vote Republican so that they gain the majority in the US Senate, a bigger majority in the US House, and majorities in state congresses all over America.  Am I really that left of the rest of America?  Or does the American electorate continue to vote against their best interests by electing members of a party that does all they can to continue the gradual distribution of income to the 1% and away from the American middle class.  Who talk about keeping government out of our lives bet really mean keep government out of the business community only, but full stream ahead when it comes to government in the bedroom or regulating womens' bodies.  Who enact laws that make it harder to vote rather than easier.

I wonder.


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