Thursday, January 5, 2017

Happy New Year

I sent the following Christmas Wish to my friends and family.  While it was meant to convey a hopeful holiday message to those that are important to me, I thought it important to share it with
those who read my blog, and are, of course, important to me, but whom I do not know personally.
It is easy to be friends and friendly with those who share your life, those who resemble you in perception and experience, but not so easy when you encounter people who look, act, or worship in a different way.  I guess it is our tribal nature that creates such a strong us versus them reaction.  What is sad is that we have such a divide here in the United States between the tribes known as liberal and conservative, despite the fact that we share affinities in our tribe called America.  My hope is that our tribal nature will continue to expand to the point where it encompasses all the peoples of planet Earth.

To all my readers, those similar and those with differing perceptions, I offer this Christmas and New Year wish.

Christmas Is

It is not the presents we get
although it is nice to feel the love
that inspires our family.
It is not the gifts we give
although the delighted faces of
our loved ones warms the heart.
It is not even the time we spend
with our family and friends in
celebration of the holiday season.

Christmas is more than the wonderful
memories we accumulate over the years
in ornaments, pictures, and holiday meals.

Christmas is hope.
Hope that the New Year will bring happiness
and good health to our friends and families.
Hope that our country will focus on our similarities
and finding common ground, rather than elevating
our differences and points of debate.
Hope that humanity, all races, creeds, and nationalities
will continue to evolve towards a spiritual enlightenment

which results in tolerance, acceptance, and Love.

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